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The guided group PR program for businesses ready to steal the spotlight.

Business is booming, huh? 

You’ve got an awesome product or service, a loyal pool of customers, and you’re making consistent income. 

That “little” business of yours isn’t so little anymore. You’re itching to level up and carve out a sparkling reputation in your industry. 

Just like…um…literally all your competitors

The social media bubble is loud. You’ve got businesses jostling for attention left, right, and center, while ever-changing algorithms have turned ‘getting visible’ into a game of guesswork. 

But are you playing when it comes to taking a stand for your brand

I didn’t think so. 

  • What if you could achieve the visibility and publicity you’ve always dreamt of? 

  • What would it mean if you could get your brand in front of thousands of potential customers and clients? 

  • What if you had a clear competitive advantage when it came to getting seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time? 

The Ultimate PR Bootcamp offers a time-tested toolkit of teachings to get you there!

Registration is open each month so you can sign up anytime to get started, and join us  on the first Friday of the month for your first live workshop!

Tell me if any of this rings true…

  • Your competitors and industry idols are always landing the hottest press features in top publications.

  • You don’t have the budget to invest in a monthly PR retainer, but you want the juicy credibility that comes with a press showreel.

  • You’re exhausted by the ever-changing demands of social media marketing.

  • You want to build a reputation and a stand-out brand, but you don’t know how to cut through the noise

  • You understand the purpose of PR, but you have no idea how to pitch to the press or get coverage.

  • You’re nervous about “putting yourself out there”, as it feels a tad big-headed.

  • You wish you had like-minded professionals to bounce ideas off and rely on for support and accountability.

It’s like I read your mind, right? That’s because amplifying the voices of ambitious entrepreneurs is what I do.

I’ve spent the past decade shooting businesses into the spotlight with powerful PR, learning how strategic communication skills can influence attitudes, garner respectability, and spread information on a mass scale.

In 2012, I launched my own company, which eventually grew into Quotable Media Co: the brand-building, coverage-winning agency I head up today.

“But Alessandra…” I hear you interject. “This is all well and good, but I don’t have the budget to pay for a fancy-schmancy PR retainer every month.” 

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to hire a PR agency to get visible; you just need to be equipped with the tools to put all that good stuff into practice. 

Over the past decade, I’ve learned the key PR and brand messaging fundamentals that apply to organizations big and small. 

And I’m here to teach you everything I know. 

She’s given me confidence to pitch!


"I’m so glad I found Alessandra and her PR Bootcamp! I didn’t even know I needed PR for my business but it’s totally opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. I’ve made some great connections already and I’m only just getting started. She’s given me the confidence I needed to start pitching and the tools to do it well. And the group calls are super helpful for accountability and actually getting it done. Highly recommend her DIY PR Bootcamp!"

As I said, I know exactly what you’re going through right now…which is why I created…

The Ultimate PR Bootcamp

You’re not helping anyone by being the best-kept secret in your industry. 

It’s time to go from under the radar to a PR superstar. 

Let’s elevate your brand with sharp storytelling, memorable messaging, and captivating coverage. 

It’s your time to shine.

You’ll also come away with…

  • The confidence hacks and mindset mastery to show up as a thought leader in your industry.

  • The skills to build a stand-out brand thanks to revamped messaging.

  • A host of new PR connections and networking buddies.

And this is how we’re going to do it, together!

Inside this Bootcamp, you’ll cover…

  • 2

    Module 1: PR 101- What Exactly Are We Doing Here

    • LESSON 1: What is PR?

    • LESSON 2: Intro to PR

  • 3

    Module 2: Let’s Get Prepped for Putting Yourself Out There

    • LESSON 1: Setting Yourself Up for Success

    • LESSON 2: Mindset

    • LESSON 3: Branding

    • LESSON 4: Positioning

    • LESSON 5: Audience

    • LESSON 6: Messaging

    • LESSON 7: Determining Your Strategy

  • 4

    Module 3: Your PR Toolbox- Building Your Materials

    • LESSON 1: Onto the fun stuff!

    • LESSON 2: Compiling your media Kit

    • LESSON 3: Building your media list

    • LESSON 3 b: Use competitor media to build your list

    • Lesson 3 c: How to know if an outlet or writer really makes sense for your media list

    • LESSON 4: How to write a press release

    • LESSON 5: How to write a pitch

  • 5

    Module 4: Pitch Please! How To Get Visible on Different Platforms

    • LESSON 1: Let's get pitching!

    • LESSON 2: What exactly is a pitch?

    • LESSON 3: Who to pitch at which time

    • LESSON 4: Pitching Editorial Media

    • LESSON 5: Pitching Podcasts

    • LESSON 6: Pitching Influencer Partnerships

    • LESSON 7: Pitching Speaking Engagements

    • LESSON 8: Pitching an Event Partnership

  • 6

    Module 5: Plan of Action- Consistently Build Your Brand Over the Year

    • LESSON 1: Time to plan

    • LESSON 2: Making the Plan

    • LESSON 3: What to do with the articles once they come out

    • LESSON 4: How to keep the PR momentum going

  • 7

    Final Thoughts

    • Congrats!

But wait…I almost forgot your BONUS material!

  • A personal 1:1 kick off call with me.

    This is so I can tailor group calls to your specific needs. The mini-consultation will also determine the angles you should be pitching and the types of media you should target.

  • Monthly group workshops.

    Group check-ins every month to recap course material, share progress and gain feedback.

  • An article in Quotable Magazine.

    Jumpstart your PR efforts and share your story with an article in a real magazine, published by your very own instructor (oh hey, that’s me!). What’s more, you’ll receive a free advertisement in a later issue.

  • Unlimited email support and weekly check-ins from me.

    Accountability is a key premise of the Bootcamp. As well as the monthly group workshops and daily use of the private Facebook group, you’ll have access to my support whenever you need. I’ll be sending weekly emails to check in on your progress, offer feedback, and answer any questions you may have.

  • Access to a private Facebook group.

    This isn’t yet another “networking opportunity” that turns into a bazillion unread FB notifications. The group gives you access to immediate coverage opportunities from media contacts, accountability from me and the cohort, and monthly pitch prompts so you can keep on top of your media outreach.

  • A welcome gift.

    A surprise coming through the mail, from me to you, just to get you excited about getting started!

If you’re well and truly done with going unnoticed in your industry and ready for a business that sparkles in the spotlight…then let’s make magic together.
Your investment: 
A one-time price of $2,247.
Or, spread it out over 4 months and get started for $565 today!

That includes 
everything I know about crafting an effective PR strategy for less than what a Quotable Media Co. client pays for one month of agency service. 

Became empowered


"Finally, I get pitching! I'm no longer afraid to just come out and make my ask to writers. Alessandra has really empowered me. I got THREE media responses within the first two weeks of pitching!"
I created this for you because I know you’re worth more than a handful of Instagram “likes” and an empty inbox.

It’s time to stop relying on the slot machines of social media and start following a foolproof visibility strategy that’ll make people sit up and listen. 

The world is ready to hear your message. Are you ready to share it? 



    You’ll receive lifetime access to the course modules, so you can refer to the lessons whenever you need them. Modules will unlock on a bi-weekly basis, corresponding to the group call schedule. The self-paced course material should take roughly 3 months to complete.


    The Ultimate PR Bootcamp is for you if you’re ready to get super visible, build valuable connections, and be recognized as a stand-out name in your industry. The course is suited to product or service-based businesses and entrepreneurs. *Please note that The Ultimate PR Bootcamp is not suitable for MLM organizations.*


    Because you created your business for a reason and you know you have the skills and experience to support your ideal clients/customers. But you can’t support them if they don’t know you exist. Investing in PR ensures you achieve the reach, visibility, and hot leads you deserve.


    The monthly group workshop calls will take place on Zoom and we’ll be kicking off on Friday October 7th, 9 am EST. After that, we will catch up at 9 am on the first Friday of every month to recap the course material you’ll have covered in the weeks before the call. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, gain feedback, and receive tailored advice.


    You’ll have access to the group call recordings for 12 months, so you can catch up at your leisure. You will also receive a call schedule upon your kick-off, so you can submit questions and topics ahead of time if you know you won’t be able to attend a call.


    - Sign up to grab your spot. - You’ll receive instant access to a welcome video and an invitation to book your 1:1 call before the next monthly workshop. - Fill in a short onboarding questionnaire you're good to go to join the next month's live workshop!

  • I thought this was a group program, but it seems like I can join any time?

    It is a group program, but you can complete the work at your own pace! We now allow you to join any month of the year, and as long as you sign up before that month's live workshop you join the group live on the first Friday of the month, and get to take part in the facebook group with them. You'll have individual accountability emails from Alessandra and unlimited support from her and the team as well as the support of doing this alongside the rest of the group, some of whom will have been taking part longer and some shorter than you!

It’s time to enroll for the Ultimate PR Bootcamp if…

  • You want to be recognized as a respected name in your industry. 
  • You want to identify those juicy PR stories that’ll cut through the noise. 

  • You want to feel confident about pitching to the press. 

  • You want to get super clear on your messaging to elevate your brand.

  • You want a simple blueprint that will teach you how to boost your visibility and land coverage in your dream publications. 

So whaddya say, PR Superstar?

So valuable!

by Hayley

"The information in the modules is so valuable and goes far beyond what you can find by googling these topics. This course is so helpful I find myself revisiting sections again and again for different projects."


Meet Alessandra of Quotable Media Co

Alessandra Pollina

Alessandra Pollina is the founder and owner of Quotable Media Co. She attended Boston University’s College of Communication where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a focus on public relations, and a minor in anthropology. Throughout her college years she held many internships in the PR field at some of the best agencies in Boston. This vast array of experiences became the foundation of her PR career and positioned her to launch her own company, a full-service boutique PR and marketing agency, in 2012 at just 23 years old. She is also the founder of the Female Millennial Entrepreneurs Boston networking group which aims to bring likeminded entrepreneurs and business owners together, as well as Quotable: A Female Millennial Entrepreneur Podcast, inspired by the group but with an international reach, and Quotable Magazine, her newest platform for expanding the visibility of female entrepreneurs. Check out Alessandra's PR agency, and find the podcast and magazine at